Melody Maker, November 5, 1977

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Melody Maker


Three albums due from Elvis Costello

Melody Maker

Elvis Costello will be hitting record buyers with two albums in the next two months, and a third is already being planned.

Costello, who finishes his involvement with the Stiff's Greatest Stiffs tour at Lancaster on Saturday, goes into the studio for a week with The Attractions to record The King Of Belgium, the follow-up to My Aim Is True. The new album will be produced by Nick Lowe.

On Tuesday next week the band leaves for a four-week American tour, and while in San Francisco they plan to cut initial tracks for the third Costello album, produced by Beserkley's Matthew Kaufman and Glen Kolotkin.

On their return to Britain, Elvis and the Attractions will play three shows at London's Nashville Rooms on December 22, 23 and 24 when they will record a live double album for American release only.

Tickets for the Nashville shows are available from Elvis Costello Tickets, 12 Putney Bridge Street, London SW18, priced at £1.75 each, with a limit of four tickets per person.

Meanwhile a remixed version of "Alison" is released in America this week by Columbia Records. The concentration on America spotlights the fact that while he has a US record deal, he is without a record company in Britain.

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Melody Maker, November 5, 1977

Melody Maker reports on upcoming concerts and recording plans.


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