Melody Maker, October 21, 1978

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Melody Maker


Elvis to play Christmas shows

Melody Maker

Elvis Costello and the Attractions return from a two-month international tour to play a week of Christmas shows at London's Dominion Theatre in Tottenham Court Road at the end of December. Costello, who recently completed work on 27 songs ready for mixing for his new album, is about to leave for the tour, which includes Canada, Hawaii, Japan and Australia.

He comes back in mid-December for the Dominion shows which run on consecutive evenings from December 18 to 24. Costello and the Attractions will be the first rock band to play the cinema — Judy Garland and David Essex are the only other acts to have appeared there — and the current unbroken screening of Star Wars will be interrupted for the Costello shows.

The concerts start at 8 pm from Monday to Friday, and 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets go on sale this Friday priced £4, £3 and £2 from the box office and usual agencies.

Dates are currently being worked out for a full British tour by the band in the early New Year, but no details are yet confirmed.

Work on Costello's third album, which is being produced by Nick Lowe and has been variously titled "Cornered on Plastic" and "Emotional Fascism," has been held up until he returns from the next two months of touring, and it is unlikely that the record will be released until January next year.

A new Costello single, "Radio Radio" backed by "Tiny Steps " is released on Friday this week.

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Melody Maker, October 21, 1978

Melody Maker reports on Elvis Costello and the Attractions' fall and winter plans and the release of the single for "Radio Radio."

Singles guest reviewer Andy Partridge reviews the single for "Radio, Radio," which is featured in a full page ad on page 8.


1978-10-21 Melody Maker page 02 clipping 01.jpg 1978-10-21 Melody Maker page 08 advertisement.jpg
Clipping and advertisement.

Radio, Radio

Elvis Costello

Andy Partridge

1978-10-21 Melody Maker page 17.jpg

Ol' bi-focals is back. Not as instant as the others. The words are great. If the BBC investigated this they may twinge about playing it. Please Sir, can we have our organ back? Gerry Harrison says he tried your specs on and they're plain glass! The Radar graphics department is still the star of all their products as far as I'm concerned.

Photo by Keith Morris.
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1978-10-21 Melody Maker cover.jpg 1978-10-21 Melody Maker page 02.jpg
Cover and page scan.


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