Melody Maker, October 28, 1978

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Melody Maker


Mr D. P. Costello and Mr A. Jakeman —
an apology (sort of)

Melody Maker

A couple of weeks back, we made great play with the story that Elvis Costello's current single, "Radio Radio," would be released as a picture disc — an apparently flagrant breach of manager Jake Riviera's philosophy, as outlined in a recent interview.

Although we acted in the belief that our information was good, we were wrong — and, prompted by an epistle from Messrs Sue, Grabbit and Runne, we'd like to apologise to Mr Costello, to Mr Andrew Jakeman, to their relatives, dependants, and friends.

We hope that this gross error will not diminish their earning capacity or otherwise reduce the quality of their lives. And we think that "Radio Radio" is just fine, whatever shade of vinyl comes in.

HOWEVER... more information reaches us that, in faraway America, two Costello tracks were released as a promotional item by Columbia Records — ON A PICTURE DISC!

One side featured an E.C. pic from the session for his first album cover, while the other was from the "camera" session for This Year's Model.


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Melody Maker, October 28, 1978

Melody Maker apologises to EC and Jake.


1978-10-28 Melody Maker clipping 01.jpg
Photo by Keith Morris.

1978-10-28 Melody Maker cover.jpg 1978-10-28 Melody Maker photo 01 km.jpg
Cover and photo.


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