Melody Maker, September 10, 1983

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Melody Maker


Let Them All Talk

Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Colin Irwin

Not being much of an Elvisophile (could never come to terms with his eternal vocal belligerence and lack of diction), I'm hardly qualified to offer any weight in the division of opinion on the Punch The Clock album. My earnest belief, however, is that this is a pile of tosh.

Costello seems barely able to keep pace with the ludicrous, gallop at which he's chosen to take the song and neither do the TKO Horns, who display the discipline of an enraged bull in one of those wretched Italian coffee shops Paul Weller is so fond of. The whole thing careens wildly along, out of control, out of touch. Horrible.

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Melody Maker, September 10, 1983

Colin Irwin reviews the single for "Let Them All Talk."

Punch The Clock is No. 4 on the album chart (page 2).


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