Michel Benita: Lower The Walls

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Lower The Walls
Michel Benita Lower The Walls album cover.jpg
studio album by
Michel Benita
ReleasedJuly 26, 1999
LabelLabel Bleu
Back cover

1999 album by Michel Benita includes a cover of "I Want To Vanish."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Amarante  Michel Benita 6:05
2. Lower the Walls  Michel Benita, David Lynx 4:40
3. Sweet Attack  Michel Benita 6:27
4. Nu Line  Michel Benita 4:39
5. Yesterday in Paradise  Michel Benita, David Lynx 4:41
6. Nowhere Land  Michel Benita 5:13
7. The Switch  Michel Benita 4:19
8. Peter, Ben & Susan  Michel Benita 4:03
9. Bass Trip  Michel Benita 3:10
10. I Want To Vanish  Elvis Costello 2:44

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