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Mike Compton and Elvis Costello, June 23, 2009, The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, NBC, Universal City, CA.

Member of:

The Sugarcanes
The Nashville Bluegrass Band
The Speaking Clock Revue house band

Mandolin on:

Secret, Profane & Sugarcane, 2009
Down Among The Wines And SpiritsComplicated ShadowsMy All Time Doll
I Felt The Chill Before The Winter CameHidden ShameShe Handed Me A Mirror
I Dreamed Of My Old LoverHow Deep Is The Red?She Was No Good
Sulphur To SugarcaneRed CottonThe Crooked LineChanging Partners
Femme FataleWhat Lewis Did LastDirty Rotten Shame
National Ransom, 2010
Jimmie Standing In The RainA Slow Drag With JosephineI Lost You
Dr. Watson, I PresumeThe Spell That You CastAll These Strangers
That's Not The Part Of Him You're LeavingA Voice In The Dark

Performed with Elvis Costello:

2006-10-08, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, San Francisco, CA
2006-11-10, Late Show With David Letterman, New York, NY
June 2009 with the Sugarcanes:
2009-06-09, Red Bank, NJ
2009-06-10, New York, NY
2009-06-11, Vienna, VA
2009-06-14, Cary, NC
2009-06-16, Nashville, TN
2009-06-19, Telluride, CO
2009-06-22, Amoeba Music, San Francisco, CA
2009-06-22, Amoeba Music, Los Angeles, CA
2009-06-23, Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, NBC, Universal City, CA
August-September 2009 with the Sugarcanes:
2009-08-17, Saratoga, CA
2009-08-18, Los Angeles, CA
2009-08-19, Livermore, CA
2009-08-21, Santa Rosa, CA
2009-08-22, Jacksonville, OR
2009-08-23, Woodinville, WA
2009-08-24, Vancouver, Canada
2009-08-26, Highland Park, IL
2009-08-27, Kettering, OH
2009-08-28, Toronto, Canada
2009-08-29, Chautauqua, NY
2009-08-31, Austin City Limits
2009-09-01, Austin, TX
2009-09-02, Grand Prairie, TX
2009-09-03, Tulsa, OK
April-May, 2010 with the Sugarcanes:
2010-04-20, Boston, MA
2010-04-22, Washington DC
2010-04-23, New York, NY
2010-04-24, Richmond, VA
2010-04-26, Atlanta, GA
2010-04-27, Jacksonville, FL
2010-04-29, New Orleans, LA
2010-05-01, Wilkesboro, NC
2010-05-23, Sonoma, CA
June-July, 2010 with the Sugarcanes:
2010-06-27, London
2010-06-28, Liverpool
2010-06-30, Gateshead
2010-07-01, Dublin
2010-07-02, Glasgow
2010-07-05, Copenhagen
2010-07-08, Vienne
2010-07-10, Bruges
2010-07-11, Rotterdam
2010-07-13, Montreux
2010-07-18, Tivoli
2010-07-20, Corsica
2010-07-22, Madrid
2010-07-23, Huelva
2010-07-24, Sos del Rey Católico
2010-07-25, San Sebastián
2010-07-27, Santiago De Compostela
2010-07-28, Cascais

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