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Hey Clockface

Elvis Costello

John Aizlewood

His 31st studio album, recorded in Helsinki, Paris and New York.
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Now a pensioner with an OBE, Elvis Costello is less prolific (or more quality control aware) than he once was, but each album is still challenging to predict. Following 2018's Look Now, he's kept producer Sebastian Krys and his most faithful retainer, Steve Nieve, but dumped The Imposters once again, in favour of assorted Paris and New York sessioneers, for an album that's lighter on its feet than its closest relation, When I Was Cruel. Jagged but innovative and angry but wry, there's vaudeville on the near title-track "Hey Clockface / How Can You Face Me" and grizzled, spoken word threat on "Radio Is Everything." He's still pushing the envelope, most rewardingly on the gloriously inspired, hook-laden "No Flag" and "Hetty O'Hara Confidential," both of which would nestle snugly on any career best-of.

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Mojo, No. 325, December 2020

John Aizlewood reviews Hey Clockface.


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