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Costello bravely ventures into "comedy-drama."

Never mind "Watching The Detectives," after years of fancying himself as everything from a New Yorker journalist to a classical composer, Elvis Costello has now got together with T Bone Burnett to create an hour-long American TV comedy-drama about a group of models who cash in their fashion careers to make music.

"It's about some beautiful girls who play rock 'n' roll songs and have a ball spending someone else's money," said Costello.

"How can we lose? They go into outer space, they rescue people from dastardly dictators – and they play songs."

Costello, who hopes to appear in a villainous cameo [Can't wait – Ed.], wrote the series via e-mail with script writer John Mankiewicz. Burnett, who is producing the project for the WB Network, will be working with Costello on original songs for each episode. The series is expected to air some time around autumn 2001.

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Mojo, No. 86, January 2001

Mojo reports Elvis is working with T Bone Burnett on a TV show for the WB Network.


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