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King Of America

The Costello Show

Mike Barnes

From '86 one of Elvis's favourite albums returns in "vastly expanded" form.
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Fine though it was, Costello's first foray into country music, 1981's Almost Blue, smacked of pastiche. But by the time of King Of America — recorded in LA with top session players such as guitarists James Burton and T Bone Burnett — he'd assimilated those strands into a more individual style. There are a lot of raw nerve ends on show: "Indoor Fireworks" is exceptionally bitter, even by its author's standards. The 21-track bonus disc, with liner notes by Elvis, makes an irresistible package. The acoustic solo demos — despite Costello deep into the whiskey — are gripping. There are some fine outtakes too: "Betrayal" would certainly have given a lift to the album, and the seven in-concert cuts show off his backing band, The Confederates, as a formidable live unit.

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Mojo, No. 140, July 2005

Mike Barnes reviews the Rhino / Edsel reissue of King Of America.


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