Monsters Of The Id

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Monsters of the id
no longer staying hid
and terrors of the night
are out in broad daylight
no need to knock on wood
don't stop to say a prayer
it won't do any good
they're multiplyin in the air

Demons of the deep
are going without sleep
and phantoms of the dark
have their own place to park
no need to lock the doors
they're sprouting through the cracks
they're making room for more
they're deputizing maniacs

Prehistoric ghouls
are making their own rules
and resurrected huns
are passing out the guns
no need to cause a fuss
don't go and make a scene
they know what's best for us
they're fighting fire with gasoline

Creatures from the swamp
rewrite their own mein kampf
neanderthals amok
just trying to make a buck
goblins and their hags
are out there waving flags
oh when will we be rid
of monsters of the id

Monsters Of The Id
Written byMose Allison
Performed byAmy Allison and Elvis Costello
Produced byDon Heffington
MusiciansAmy Allison - vocals
Elvis Costello - vocals
Mose Allison - piano
additional musicians unknown, but may include: Greg Leisz, Bob Glaub, Josh Grange, David Ralike, Van Dyke Parks, Lee Thornburg, Dominic Genova, DJ Bonebrake, Brian Standefer, Kip Boardman, Jeff Turmes, Charles DeCastro and Ryan Hedgecock.
ReleasedJune, 2009
AlbumsAmy Allison: Sheffield Streets, 2009

Only known performance:
November 21, 2010, New York, NY
     (1 known performance)

Amy Allison: Sheffield StreetsAmy Allison Sheffield Streets album cover.jpg

Recordings by other artists

Mose Allison  1969 Hello There, Universe Allmusic
 Stan Ridgway  2004 Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads & Fugitive Songs Allmusic

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