Montreal Gazette, January 20, 1979

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Costello album is militant but his guns aren't loaded

Juan Rodríguez

Elvis Costello and Eddie Money were last year's new wave sensations, but their novelty should wear thin if they continue to consolidate styles that didn't have much to offer in the first place. Their third and second albums respectively provide crucial clues to their lack of depth.

Costello's Armed Forces (Columbia) is militant alright, but about what? There's an undercurrent of pummelling rhythms while Elvis blurts forth tinny vocals that sound as if they were recorded in a high school gym.

Costello's lyrics are slightly more heartfelt than his delivery which is nothing more than a feverish, affected hybrid of Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly. But the limit of his emotions is that he has a king-sized chip on his shoulder. The computer programmer from England is nothing more than an amateur treading water. scrambling to go through the motions of rock 'n' roll, mixing in some existential James Dean attitude.

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Montreal Gazette, January 20, 1979

Juan Rodríguez reviews Armed Forces.


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