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Wise Up Ghost

Elvis Costello and the Roots

Bernard Perusse

3½ star reviews3½ star reviews3½ star reviews3½ star reviews

This is Elvis in his by-now-standard 3-D mode: dark, dense and dissonant. Groove and repetition are the ordre du jour here, rather than the impenetrable, heavily-laboured song structures that have been the default approach for some time. Still, the net result remains the same: even with the Roots providing persuasive, albeit brittle funk this time, it’s difficult to find an entry point and listening feels a bit like work.

One can rarely dismiss a new Costello offering out of hand, however: some tracks grab you when you least expect it. And the truly-obsessive fan – the kind who knows albums like North and Mighty Like a Rose inside out – will have a field day with the samples and lyrics that refer to earlier works.

Podworthy: "Wise Up Ghost"

Wise Up Ghost will be available Sept. 17.


Montreal Gazette, September 15, 2013

Bernard Perusse reviews Wise Up Ghost.


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