Murder 101

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Never thought that I knew too much
I always thought I knew enough
I didn't want to learn this stuff
I didn't ever want to be that tough
But love was just implied
And everything else died
This class has now begun
In Murder 101

You can learn it in the first degree
You could even make yourself believe
That you'll never even think of me
When you're packing up your things to leave
Now my intuition failed
I can't graduate unskilled
They don't excuse the young
This is Murder 101

Find yourself another heart that needs a rest
Tie a hook onto a single thread
Drop it down beneath the chest
There's the first part of this test
They'll grade you on a curve
They're including everyone
No matter what you've heard
You know this class has now begun
Drop out before they come
To Murder one by one

Just look what we've done
In Murder 101

Just look what we've done
In Murder 101

Just look what we've done
This is Murder 101

Just look what we've done
To Murder one by one

Murder 101
Written byJakob Dylan
Performed byThe Wallflowers
Produced byAndrew Slater & Michael Penn
MusiciansJakob Dylan - vocals, guitar
Elvis Costello - backing vocals
additional musicians unknown
ReleasedOctober 10, 2000
AlbumsThe Wallflowers: (Breach)

First known performance:
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The Wallflowers: (Breach)The Wallflowers Breach album cover.jpg

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