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My Aim Is True

Elvis Costello

Music Week

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Thirteen tracks from the British Elvis on this debut album for the newly-available Stiff label, and none of them busting the three-minute barrier. The latest slogan to spring from the company's fertile brain is "Stiff — surfing on the new wave," but in fact in Costello it has a disciple of the Graham Parker rasping vocals ideology coupled with a nifty way with words and a clear ear for rock 'n' roll melody lines. Full of ideas, he specialises in mid-paced rockers professing a kind of street-level design for living like the excellent "Blame It On Cain" and "Waiting For The End Of The World," which measures up well with his first single (now deleted but available here) "Less Than Zero." He comes over as not so much angry — as in the accepted new wave stance — but resigned. A fine LP that will be featured in several of Stiff's unusual marketing campaigns this summer, it even stands a chance or charting.

Stiff SEEZ 3.
Producer: Nick Lowe.

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Music Week, July 23, 1977

Music Week reviews My Aim Is True.


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