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Australian Crawl performed live, 1980 1980 info
Beatsteaks (aka Die Roys) Cut Off The Top 2007
Beatsteaks performed live, 2007-11-21, Mannheim, Germany 2007 YouTube
The BelAirs performed live, 2004 2004 link needed
Bluesix Looking At The Cover 1998 link needed
Buddy Love Combo performed live link needed
Justine Bateman & the Mystery SatisfactionSoundtrack / Various artists 1988 AllmusicWikipediaSoundtrackcollector
Chef Eddy performed live, 2011-02-19, The Wet Whistle, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 2011 YouTube
The Cold performed live, 1982-06-18, New Orleans 1982
Davy & the Crocketts performed live, 1979, Buffalo, NY 1979 link
Dyan Diamond In The Dark 1978 Allmusic
Dyan Diamond performed live, 1980-03-14, Los Angeles 1980
Elastic No-No Band Every Elvis Has His Army: ENB Does EC 2005 Wikipedia
Ronny Elliott and the Nationals performed live, 2001-08-17, Costello tribute, Tampa, Florida 2001 info
Firehose performed live, 1987-06-04, London & 1989-09-05, Manchester 1987 etree
Ellen Foley performed live, 1980-02-14, Amsterdam 1980 etreeinfo
Greg Goodwill performed live, Portland, Maine 2001 link
The Guts Say Goodbye to Fun (EP) 2003 AllmusicAmazon
ICU Stringband performed live, 2017-03-16, Costello Tribute, Harlows, Sacramento CA 2017 YouTube
Infamous Scientists performed live, 1985-09-25, La Hacienda, Victoria, BC 1985 info
Nick Lowe performed live, 2010-10-01, RDSHP benefit, San Francisco, CA 2010 Richard de Lone Special Housing Project
The Moondogs performed live, 1988-08-??, War Eagle Supper Club, Auburn, AL 1988 YouTube
Moon Pie performed live, 1981, Greensville, SC 1981 info
The Nerve Coupe De Ville 2004 cdbaby
The Nighthawks performed live, 1978-01-26, WGTB-FM Studios, Washington, DC 1978
The Nighthawks Nighthawks Live reissue 1996 AllmusicAmazon
Takashi O'Hashi Project Neither Reality Nor Fiction 1991 linklink
Oliver's Army (Dallas) performed live, Dallas-area Costello tribute band 2003+ OliversArmyBand
The Pedestrians An Evening At Pearl's Hurricane 2001 AllmusicAmazon
Pop Rocks (Pat Dull) Pop Rocks Live (EP) 1988 info needed
The Radiators performed live, 1999, 2009 1999 -
The Rainmakers performed live, 1985, Fayetteville, AR 1985
The Rave Band performed live 1978 link
The Rugburns performed live, 2005-12-31, Ramona, CA 2005
Joe Scarborough & The Roots performed live, 2009-08-05, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 2009 Hulu
Erich Sellheim home studio production, sung in German 2013 YouTube
The Shambles performed live, 2008-06-28, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA 2008 info
Surrender Dorothy performed live, 2008, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2008
Patrik Tanner A Tribute To Elvis Costello 2004
Malcolm Tent He Looks As Good As He Sounds 2017 Discogs
Three Bean Salad Shut Up And Eat Your Beans 2001 AllmusicAmazon
Bob Walkenhorst performed live, 2004-2007, Kansas City, MO 2004+
The Walkin Talkin Toxins Apocalypse-Au-Go-Go 2005 AllmusicAmazon
Kris Woolsey The Loser's Lounge Tribute to Elvis CostelloVarious artists 2002 LosersLounge
Alexander Zhadov performed live, 2013, Cerveceria de la Vila, Barcelona, Spain 2013 YouTube