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Elvis misses the mark

Bob Griffin

Elvis Costello has gone From the finely done "Allison" tune of a few yews, to a "mish-mash" of unrelated, second class songs on his latest Columbia album, Taking Liberties.

And taking liberties is just what Costello does with the record-buying public. With four albums released since 1977, he has not only shown great talent but also attracted quite a following of listeners. It is really quite obvious that his latest and fifth album tries try capitalize on this previous success.

As the back of the cover of Taking Liberties reads, "Hear the irrepressible Elvis switch abruptly and with amazing skill from the solid rock 'n' roll beat ... to (a) gentle touching mood; from (a) lowdown gutty blues-spirit to a earthy heart-warming throb; from easygoing country to (a) swinging rythym and blues," as stated by Gregg Geller, a Vice President of Columbia Records.

What Geller was really trying to say was, We had a bunch of Elvis songs that weren't quite good enough to put on an album before, but now that Costello is a big name, we can put them out together and say it's a fine cross section of his work.

Though the album has a few good songs — a 1977 production called "Radio Sweetheart" and also "Talking in the Dark" — the latest Costello LP is not worth the trouble it takes to put on the your turntable.


New Mexico Daily Lobo, October 8, 1980

Bob Griffin reviews Taking Liberties.


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