New Musical Express, April 15, 1978

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It's all in Teazers, your caring, sharing Teazers... and welcome to this week's pulse-pounding, drama-drenched edition of General Hospital, wherein Elvis Costello and The Attractions discover that they definitely don't love the sound of breaking glass.

Attractions bass player Bruce Thomas was in a more than expansive mood backstage at Manchester's Rafters Club after a particularly ace gig and decided to demonstrate the classic barroom brawl method of breaking a bottle. Unfortunately, his coordination was somewhat impaired and Bruce messed up his right hand very seriously. The massive gouge required eighteen stitches and a skin graft operation will undoubtedly be necessary.

Nick Lowe deputised for the injured Thomas at a Hemel Hempstead gig on Sunday night, having learned the entire set at the sound check, and according to Them As Was There, Basher performed heroically. However, due to prior commitments, he won't be able to do the rest of the British tour with Elvis, so Jake and Co. are hurriedly (not to say frenziedly) hunting down a bass player to deputise. The situation is complicated by the fact the Elvis is setting off for yet another canter round the Americas next week.

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For the upcoming Roundhouse dates, Elvis is planning "an experimental show" featuring a lengthy acoustic segment. Those ticket-holders who feel short-changed by this can return their £2 tickets and get a refund plus an extra quid to compensate them for travel expenses. All tickets returned will be sold on the day for £1 each. We here at Teazers reckon that you'd have to be some kind of natural-born fool to chop in your tickets, but that's your business.

In the meantime, Jake Riviera emphasises that Bruce Thomas is still in the band however long it takes him to get fit again, and on behalf of everyone here at NME (and, we hope, all of you lot) Teazers extends its very best Get Well Soon hand of friendship to Beleaguered Bruce.

There's more info on the accident and its consequences in the News Pages, so on with the show...

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New Musical Express, April 15, 1978

NME reports on Bruce Thomas' hand injury, Friday, April 7, 1978, Rafters, Manchester.

Blackmail Corner features a photo of Flip City.


1978-04-15 New Musical Express clipping 06.jpg1978-04-15 New Musical Express clipping 01.jpg

Blackmail Corner


1978-04-15 New Musical Express photo 02.jpg

Ahaaaaah! Super-rare shot of now-defunct never-ever-got-no-nowhere-worf-going band Flip City, totally devoid of interest except that the nattily-clad lad on the extreme left is Declan McManus, now known to all and sundry as Elvis Costello. At least, we here at Blackmail Corner think it's Elvis. If it turns out to be his Dad again, we promise to leave him and all the rest of the Riviera circus alone for at least three weeks.

Costello tour hit by injury


Elvis Costello's tour suffered a setback at the end of last week, when The Attractions' bassist Bruce Thomas cut his right hand on a broken bottle in the dressingroom at Manchester Rafters, and was taken to hospital for the insertion of 18 stitches.

Nick Lowe deputised on bass at Hemel Hempstead (Sunday) and Penzance (Tuesday) but, at press-time, it was uncertain if he could fill in on other dates owing to his European commitments.

There's a 50-50 chance that Costello's gigs at Birmingham Barbarella's tonight and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday) may have to be cancelled.

The London Roundhouse shows on Saturday and Sunday are definitely ON, but a spokesman said he's not sure "how unorthodox" they will be. Ticket money will be refunded if holders don't wish to risk what might be an experimental gig.

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