New Musical Express, April 3, 1982

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I'm Your Toy

Elvis Costello

Ian Penman

Another ringpull, another lonely night, another requisite Costello record. This happens to be the live 45 choice from the recent Albert Hall concert, as well as my personal fave — lyrically and vocally — from the Almost Blue LP. The question is whether the Royal Philharmonic adds to or distracts from Costello's bittersweet cadences and the Attractions' underplayed elegance. Interestingly enough, the other side features two outtakes from the Billy Sherrill Nashville sessions — minus trappings, just a boozy, dusty voice and band, and they benefit from it. The same applies, I think, to "I'm Your Toy": those tearful moments would ache even more sublimely if pared down, rather than precariously blown up to epic "My Way"-ish proportions, as they are here. That said, I can easily see it doing a "No Woman No Cry."

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New Musical Express, April 3, 1982

Ian Penman reviews the single for "I'm Your Toy."

A full page ad for the single runs on page 19.


1982-04-03 New Musical Express page 15.jpg1982-04-03 New Musical Express page 19 advertisement.jpg
Page scan and advertisement.

Photo by Michael Putland.
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