New Musical Express, December 10, 1983

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London superstar show


The Style Council, Elvis Costello. Ian Dury and Bono of U2 — all on the same bill! This is the billing for a major London Show this month — with the edition of Hazel O'Connor, The Alarm, Mari Wilson and Chaz Jankel, among others.

The event is called "The Big One" and will be staged at London Victoria Apollo on Sunday, 18 December (7pm).

it s described as "a theatrical show for peace" and is being produced by Susannah York and Bill Bachie. who have set up a limited company called Optimus Productions, specially to raise money for a wide range of peace protects. All the artists involved are giving their services free, and the profits will be distributed amongst a large number of peace and anti-nukes organisations.

The concert will also feature sketches and comedy, end many leading actors, revue artists and new variety acts will complement the musical attractions. The whole show will be filmed for subsequent TV distribution, and an album of the music will be issued in the New Year — following the pattern of the MENCAP concert at the same venue 18 months ago, in which Costello and Dury also appeared, though in this case there will additionally be a video cassette and a book produced from the evening's entertainment.

Tickets are available from the Apollo box-office priced £15, £12, £8 and £6. And 200 tickets at £5 each will be available on the day of the snow, though you'll obviously need to be there very early to secure one, The organisers say they expect this to be the first of many more similar shows for the same cause.

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New Musical Express, December 10, 1983

NME previews "The Big One" benefit concert, Sunday, December 18, 1983, Apollo Victoria Theatre, London, England.


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