New Musical Express, December 18, 1953

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The Mickey!

Ross MacManus

I must protest at the lack of publicity given in your columns to the new British singer Fred Young, who can also be regarded as something of a psychologist.

Fred's stage presentation is really wonderful, and he sings mounted on a white Shire horse (disguised, of course, as an American police horse, the Shire horse, not Fred!) In case you don't think this unusual, have you ever seen it done on ice before?

There's none of the silly sentimentalist about Fred, either. Believing that vitality is everything in a singer's performance, Fred roars with laughter, throughout his performance (in between hand-stands on the back of his magnificent horse).

All this does make it a bit difficult to hear his singing voice, in fact, I've not really heard it, but I've no hesitation in declaring him Britain's top singer.

I have 4,000 photos of him, as well as 69 records of his horse singing "Swanee River."

Sholebroke Avenue, Leeds 7.

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New Musical Express, December 18, 1953

Ross MacManus writes to New Musical Express.


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