New Musical Express, December 19, 1981

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Paris trips to see Costello


Elvis Costello & The Attractions have now sold out their London concerts, before and after Christmas — but another show has been added in Paris on January 10, and special arrangements have been made to enable people to attend. There are three options — (1) scheduled air flights on January 8 evening, returning January 11 morning, including three nights in a three-star hotel costing £119; (2) same as first option, except plane leaves January 9 morning, price £109; (3) coach leaves London January 9 morning, returning January 11 evening, including two nights in a four-star hotel costing £75. All prices include concert tickets, transport, insurance and a half-day tour of Paris. Those interested should send a deposit of £50 (air) or £30 (coach) to Hearneweave Ltd., P.O. Box 281, London N15 5LW.

Pros and Cons

Nick Kent

Nick Kent's Pros and Cons.

PROS: Bruce Springsteen's inspirational performances in Britain during summer '81. The release of Trust, Elvis Costello's most sure-footed and courageous collection of songs to date. "Being With You" making No. 1, thus beautifully highlighting Smokey Robinson's 20 years as singer songwriter non pareil, and re-establishing the tradition of "Great Summer Single." The rediscovery (how ever spuriously "trendified") of John Fogerty, James Brown and Hank Williams. The return to active service of Tom Verlaine and Miles Davis. Squeeze finally receiving due success and credibility via East Side Story. "Waiting On A Friend" as Rolling Stones' most uplifting and humane twilight anthem, especially Sonny Rollins' playing.

CONS. The continuing downward spiral demise of the New Musical Express as a relevant perceptive journal. General absence of "passion" and "reach" in rock music circa '81. Omnipotence of style over content, specious cliches, hall-baked posturing, haphazard sloganeering and empty gestures. Preponderance of imperceptive, feckless arch-hack mentality in rock writing, cloth-eared A & R men, semi-literate editors, the crass stupidity of major record label mentality vs. the hypocritical smugness of the "rough trade"/"factory" alternative (sic). The inescapable fact that music has become virtually crippled by "business considerations," mass ignorance re. music's potential for moral rearmament.

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New Musical Express, December 19-26, 1981

NME notes travel options for the January 10, 1982 concert in Paris.

The Vinyl Finals includes Trust (7), Almost Blue (20) and "Good Year For The Roses" (28).

EC is included in Nick Kent's Pros and Cons of 1981.


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