New Musical Express, December 19, 1981

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Paris trips to see Costello


Elvis Costello & The Attractions have now sold out their London concerts, before and after Christmas — but another show has been added in Paris on January 10, and special arrangements have been made to enable people to attend. There are three options — (1) scheduled air flights on January 8 evening, returning January 11 morning, including three nights in a three-star hotel costing £119; (2) same as first option, except plane leaves January 9 morning, price £109; (3) coach leaves London January 9 morning, returning January 11 evening, including two nights in a four-star hotel costing £75. All prices include concert tickets, transport, insurance and a half-day tour of Paris. Those interested should send a deposit of £50 (air) or £30 (coach) to Hearneweave Ltd., P.O. Box281, London N15 5LW.

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New Musical Express, December 19-26, 1981

NME notes travel options for the January 10, 1982 concert in Paris.

Trust and Almost Blue are included in the Year-in-review.

EC is included in Nick Kent's Pros and Cons.


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Photo by Andre Csillag.
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