New Musical Express, December 25, 1993

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You're Taking Me Cover

Jarvis Cocker

"It was quite a cathartic experience. When I was younger I worked in a fish market — it was around the time that "Oliver's Army" was in the charts and people were always telling me I looked like Elvis Costello because of my National Health glasses, I've also been compared to Harold Lloyd, Rolf Harris and Buddy Holly (someone even compared me to Roy Orbison when I was in the pub the other day). To be him in that pose was a useful experience in coming to terms with being called Elvis Costello and I've become a stronger and better person for it. This Year's Model and Armed Forces are the best stuff he's done. More interesting than the stuff he went off to do. The background is a very nice shade of brown."

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New Musical Express, Dec. 25, 1993 - Jan. 1, 1994

"You're Taking Me Cover" features Jarvis Cocker of Pulp on the cover of This Year's Model.


1993-12-25 New Musical Express page 38.jpg 1993-12-25 New Musical Express photo 01 kc.jpg
Photo by Kevin Cummins.

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