New Musical Express, January 12, 1980

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Elvis: This year's model in danger

Roy Carr

Elvis Costello's long-awaited new single, "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down," backed by the composer's version of the Dave Edmunds hit "Girls Talk," will be released on January 18.

Contrary to speculation, it won't appear on either the Radar or Two Tone labels. "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" — originally an old Sam & Dave B-side — will inaugurate Off-Beat Records — a self-financed independent operation run by Costello's manager Jake Riviera.

Grab your copies quickly; because it could be the last Costello single in quite a long while!

When, a few months ago, Radar Records was closed down by its parent company Warner Brothers, Costello (together with Nick Lowe) became an unwitting pawn in a power struggle.

Warners claimed rightful possession to the artists, whilst the artists themselves insisted that their association with Radar was a strictly verbal release-by-release arrangement with Lauder. Seeing as Lauder was no longer with Radar and that the operation had been discontinued, therefore, they were free to seek a new distribution for those records produced for Riviera-Global.

That was five months ago. Initially "I Can't Stand Up" was going to be a one-off Two-Tone single (007), until such time as Off-Beat was operational, but as Two-Tone is a co-operative, the release date of January 11 clashed with a live Specials EP and the new Selecter single. This meant the Costello single would be delayed almost a month which didn't coincide with imminent Costello tour dates. Meanwhile, acetates of "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down" have been receiving extensive Capital Radio airplay.

Word has reached NME that Warners have filed an injunction to prevent the BBC from airing acetates of the record in their possession. This seems to be one of a number of writs being prepared by Warners. None of this is helping Costello's career. For instance, his new album was completed three months ago.

As matters are currently in the hands of solicitors and the like; it is difficult for either Costello or Riviera to comment publicly on the situation. However, it would appear that Costello has no intention of signing with Warners and attempts to persuade him to do so are unlikely to make him change his decision.

The word on the wire seems to infer that should he find himself locked into a Springsteen situation then Costello will either quit the business entirely, or just confine his career to being a road band.

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New Musical Express, January 12, 1980

Roy Carr previews the single for "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down."


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