New Musical Express, July 2, 1994

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You Tripped At Every Step

Elvis Costello And The Attractions

David Quantick

The 34th single from the splendid loud album, and it makes as good a single as the other ones, ie not much of a good single at all. Which is like weird, because Brutal Youth is like retro, like, vintage Costello like This Year's Model and Armed Forces and they were flatbed trucks laden with slabs of singles. The B-sides are a somewhat copious version of Cilia's "Step Inside Love," "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" from the Roddy Doyle thing and — also from the Roddy Doyle thing — "Sticks And Stones" which is Cavern Club mania. In the Roddy Doyle thing, it was a bit odd since we got to hear Costello singing "I've been abused!" in a jaunty voice after the episode about, er child abuse. Anyway, fan fun only.

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New Musical Express, July 2, 1994

David Quantick reviews the single for "You Tripped At Every Step."

Gavin Martin reports on the Glastonbury Festival, June 25, 1994, Worthy Farm, Pilton, England.


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Gavin Martin


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Weller's only problem is an inability to come to terms with his recorded past. Something which can't be said of the evening's headliner Elvis Costello. He's got his back catalogue and he's going to use it is the motto, recalling his historic 1987 show. A bit on the vaudeville side but a crowd-pleasing carnival jukebox nonetheless, even if his advice for everyone to go naked came a bit too late into the chilly night to be acted on.

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