New Musical Express, March 26, 1977

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Elvis Costello: Half Past Zero

Charles Shaar Murray

One day someone will make a neat — if shortlived — rockcrit splash by going into exhaustive detail about the legacy of Van Morrison as currently and highly and successfully promulgated by such disparate souls as Graham Parker, Phil Lynott and Bruce Springsteen. This week’s best nee-Van-via-Phil-Graham-and-of-course-Bruce is unquestionably the legendary Elvis Costello, who filters it all through an arrangement oddly akin to Billy Swan’s revolutionary revibe of "Don't Be Cruel." Great record; doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell; what a bleedin' shame, etcetera.

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New Musical Express, March 26, 1977

Charles Shaar Murray reviews "Less Than Zero."

A two-page ad for Clover's Unavailable runs on pages 20-21.


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Clipping and photo.

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Page scan.

Ad for Unavailable by Clover.
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