New Musical Express, May 14, 1988

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Costello: Surprise benefit gig


Elvis Costello made a surprise appearance at a National Union of Seamen benefit in Aberdeen last week to play a 40 minute solo set.

Armed with just his trusty acoustic guitar, Costello played to nearly 800 people at Aberdeen Music Hall last Wednesday afternoon.

Also on the bill were The Albion Band and other folk and roots music artists, most of whom had also played at the Shetland Festival along with Elvis a few days earlier.

As well as old favourites like "Oliver's Army," "Uncomplicated" and "Shipbuilding," he previewed some new material.

The new songs included "Tramp The Dirt Down" (first heard at last year's Glastonbury Festival), "Let 'Em Dangle" and "Nobody In This Loves You Until Everybody Knows You're A Bastard."

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New Musical Express, May 14, 1988 - date not confirmed

NME reports on the National Union of Seamen benefit, May 4, 1988, Music Hall, Aberdeen, Scotland.


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Photo by Kevin Cummins.

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