New Musical Express, November 19, 1988

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They call him Elvis

Fred Fact

Could you settle an arguement? My mate swears he once heard Kid Jensen play the B side of a Madness single on which Elvis Costello sang lead vocal. He thinks the song was "Tomorrow's Just Another Day." I have never heard of any such recording, so is he pulling my leg? If such a record does exist, it is still available?

Finally I know what the B side of a single is – but what does B/W or C/W actually stand for?

— R Armstrong, South Shields, Tyne and Wear

Elvis sang all the lead and back-up vocals to the B-side version of "Tomorrow's Just Another Day" on the 12" release (Stiff BUYIT 169). However, the record originally came out in February, 1983, and is now only obtainable through collector's shops. Terry Staunton imparts the added info that Elvis sang the song onstage during Madness' tour, circa Christmas, 1982.

As for those oft-used initials, they merely mean "backed with" or "coupled with."

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New Musical Express, November 19, 1988

Fred Dellar answers a question about "Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)."


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