New Musical Express, October 17, 1952

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Ross MacManus

Here we go again! Someone always mentions lack of entertainment for troops, and I have to write my "bug-letter."

When the Korean fighting first started, and we and our gallant allies rushed to the defence of democracy, in a desire to entertain the poor human currency that was being used in this political circus, I offered to go to Korea.

A columnist in one of the leading Sunday papers did an article about entertainers having cold feet where danger spots were concerned. This sparked us off.

At the time I was leading a jumping small group, which was well-received at American bases. We did one-night stands at big North-west ballrooms and stints in Variety. To show we were genuine, and to put the columnist and War Office on the spot, we offered to go for a soldier's pay. We contacted our MP. wrote dozens of letters but the War Office, when they deigned to send us an unsigned reply, just didn't want to know about anything but top-line stars.

We haven't heard of the columnist since. Maybe he went to Korea.

Facts can be checked with K.R. Promotions, Liverpool (Joe McNerny) who was handling the group at the time.

Haslemere Road, Bexleyheath.

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New Musical Express, October 17, 1952

Ross MacManus writes to New Musical Express.


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