New Musical Express, October 21, 1978

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Costello: Pre-Xmas concerts in London


Elvis Costello & The Attractions are to play a special pre-Christmas season of seven consecutive nights at London's Dominion Theatre in Tottenham Court Road — from Monday, December 18, to Christmas Eve inclusive.

They are the first rock band ever to be presented at this venue, and they follow in the footsteps of David Essex (who starred there for a similar week-long season last Christmas) — and, looking further back, Judy Garland. What's more, the screening of the hugely successful film Star Wars will be interrupted in order to accommodate Costello's shows.

Tickets are priced £4, £3 and £2, and they go on sale tomorrow (Friday) at the box-office and usual agencies. From Monday to Friday, concerts start at 8pm, while on Saturday and Sunday (23 and 24) the curtain goes up at 9pm.

And for those living too far from London to catch any of these Christmas gigs, there's news that a full British tour is being lined up for Costello and the band in the New Year.

With his new single "Radio Radio" out this weekend, Elvis is currently putting the finishing touches to his new album, which hopefully will be issued before Christmas. At the end of this month, he and the Attractions leave for Canada, Hawaii, Japan and Australia. They'll be out of the country until mid-December, returning a few days before the start of their London season.

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New Musical Express, October 21, 1978

NME reports on upcoming Christmas shows at Dominion Theatre, London, and tours in Canada, Japan and Australia.

Tony Parsons reviews the single for "Radio, Radio," which is also featured in a full page ad.


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Page scan and advertisement.
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Illustration by Alan Moore.

Elvis on wrong wavelength?

Elvis Costello / Radio, Radio

Tony Parsons

1978-10-21 New Musical Express page 27 illustration.jpg

All you need to know about "Radio, Radio" is that what The Clash did on "Capital Radio" with an abundance of vitality, originality and invigorating well-aimed venom, Elvis Costello does with forced fury, catchy commerciality and his mandatory Angry Little Man whine. Poor old Elvis. When Joe Strummer walked into CBS New York's offices and saw the myopic mug plastered all over the walls, he clutched at his guts and pantomimed retching symptoms.

"I can't stand him," muttered Joe.

Stick with yer gratis Clash EP, kids, to me Costello is in tune with nothing at all.

Photo by Gary Merrin.
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