New York Rocker, May 1980

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New York Rocker, No. 28, May 1980

Includes an article on Elvis Costello.

Nick Lowe and Jake Riviera are mentioned in a Richard Hell interview.


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To Richard Hell and back



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Whatever happened to the second Richard Hell & the Voidoids LP that was to have been produced by Nick Lowe with the backing of Lowe/Costello manager Jake Riviera? Were any additional tracks cut at the sessions which produced "The Kid With The Replaceable Head"?

That record was never made — at first because the original plan fell through when the new studio Jake and Nick were building was way behind schedule, and then (when that opportunity was missed) because none of the parties involved was enthusiastic enough to really press for computing a new schedule. Which isn't to say there were any bad feelings among us — there weren't, and Jake is still my main man in the music business, helping me out in innumerable ways all the time. No, there were no other tracks recorded at the single sessions.


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