Newcastle Evening Chronicle, October 7, 2003

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Newcastle Evening Chronicle


Star has fans across board

Gordon Barr

Be it rock, classical or even a bit of Bacharach, there's little Elvis Costello hasn't turned his hands to in the quarter century-plus he's been performing.

And the audience at his Newcastle Opera House show tomorrow will no doubt be treated to a selection of styles as the serious man of music takes to the stage.

Many styles, except dance that is, which the Londoner, now based in Ireland, steers well clear of.

"You are never too old to learn," the performer, who has just celebrated his 48th birthday, told the Chronicle.

"There is always room for more knowledge, be it musical or intellectual.

"I like to expand my knowledge, learn new things. Never be complacent. Working with Bacharach opened me up to a whole new way of looking at things, as have my classical scores."

Last year's album, When I Was Cruel, saw him return to the form of old — a critically-acclaimed collection of hard-edged rock songs.

His show tomorrow will see him trawl through his back catalogue as well as performing tracks from the new CD.

Newcastle has always been one of my favourite cities to play," he says. "There is always a terrific atmosphere there."

And he is relishing being on the road again. "There will be people there who are clearly old enough to have been on my very first tour and then there are little kids, and people in their 20s, and teenagers.

"It's obvious they are people who really like what I do as my music is not a mass appeal thing, we don't do dance routines or things like that.

"The thing we do appeals to a certain type of person, regardless of age. They want an alternative.

"And it is great to see youngsters at the shows. You know they aren't there just for a nostalgic trip, they are there because they appreciate the music.

"And the great thing is, no two gigs are the same. We're evolving all the time."

Elvis Costello is at Newcastle Opera House tomorrow night. Ticket details on (0191) 232 0899.


Evening Chronicle, October 7, 2003

Gordon Barr interviews EC ahead of his concert with Steve Nieve, Wednesday, October 8, 2003, Opera House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.


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