No 1, February 22, 1986

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No 1

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King Of America

Elvis Costello

Pat Thomas

In the days when Elvis Costello was making power pop flavoured with a bit of political comment, it didn't matter so much that he couldn't sing. Now that his musical pendulum has swung in the opposite direction its a positive disadvantage — putting a lot of people off his well-crafted songs and his wry view of the world.

This album carries on the Costello tradition. The single "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" is here — probably the only single on the album. He may not be as pretty as Morten and lord knows he makes lousy videos, but Elvis will be making respectable music long after our Norwegian friends have high-tailed it back to their fjords.


No 1, February 22, 1986

Pat Thomas reviews King Of America.


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