Oh Well

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The ink is running
The words are torn
I'm sitting helpless with my paper and chalk
I had to follow my passion
Oh well

I don't get paid that much for all I deserve
To waste a sentence or shatter my nerves
I had to follow my passion
Oh well

Sometimes I long to run outside
I'd give it all up but it's my pride
Oh well
Oh well

I had a dream once or so I thought
I'd be a pilot or an astronaut
I had a dream like that until I found
Even an astronaut goes into the ground
Life is just passing us bye-bye
Oh well
Oh well
Oh well

Oh Well
Written byElvis Costello & Kamaal Fareed
Performed byElvis Costello
Produced byThe Imposter: Elvis Costello, Ciaran Cahill, Leo Pearson & Kieran Lynch
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocals, Martin acoustic & Fender Jazzmaster guitars, Fender Precision bass, harpsichord, kalimba, trash percussion
Leo Pearson - rhythm processor
Steve Nieve - electric keyboard
Recordedca. late 1999-early 2000, Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin
ReleasedApril 15, 2002
AlbumsWhen I Was Cruel, 2002 (UK & Japan only)
When I Was Cruel - Collectors Edition, 2002
Cruel Smile, 2002
CollectionsIn Motion Pictures, 2012

First known performance:
October 16, 1999, Indianapolis, IN
Last known performance:
February 13, 2001, Dublin, Ireland
     (13 known performances)

When I Was CruelWhen I Was Cruel album cover.jpg

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In Motion PicturesIn Motion Pictures album cover.jpg


Erich Sellheim home studio production, sung in German 2021 YouTube

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