Orange Coast, May 1989

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Orange Coast magazine
  • 1989 May

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Elvis Costello

Keith Tuber

Another voice from the past returns with his first original album in three years and his initial release for his new record label. Costello remains a better songwriter and pop craftsman than he does a singer. He explores a variety of moods and textures in this generous hour-long package, including dark humor ("God’s Comic"), jazz ("Stalin Malone"), rock ("Pads, Paws and Claws"), folk ("Any King’s Shilling"), and, of course, pop (just about everything else). Among the best selections is "Veronica," a 1960s-style pop tune written by Costello and Paul McCartney.

Mystery Girl

Roy Orbison

Keith Tuber

What a pity the artist isn't here to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Mystery Girl is the first new Orbison album in 10 years, and it's a stunning collection. The songs, with the possible exception of T Bone Burnett's "Dream You," are consistently excellent, several of them written by Orbison and his Wilbury brothers Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. The title track was composed by David Evans and Paul Hewson, better known as U2's The Edge and Bono. The production is also first-class, but it's the late artist's vocals that capture the attention and imagination of listeners. Orbison's voice is at once heartfelt and compassionate, and commands immediate attention. Key tracks include the initial single "You Got It," the sentimental "A Love So Beautiful," Elvis Costello's poignant "The Comedians" and the musically intriguing "She's a Mystery to Me."


Orange Coast, May 1989

Keith Tuber reviews Spike and Roy Orbison's Mystery Girl.


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