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Wise Up Ghost

Elvis Costello and The Roots

Jeff Harford

4-stars (out of 5) reviews4-stars (out of 5) reviews4-stars (out of 5) reviews4-stars (out of 5) reviews4-stars (out of 5) reviews

Elvis Costello's collaboration with Questlove's band the Roots is more trip-hop than hip-hop and less punk than funk, rating as one of his best-executed efforts of recent years.

The band's darkly shaded grooves allow Costello to recapture something of the surliness of his younger days, and to reprise lyrics and samples from earlier works, with Questlove's snare drum spitting sharply throughout.

"Refuse To Be Saved" and "Cinco Minutos Con Vos" (with co-vocalist La Marisoul of La Santa Cecilia) top the upbeat numbers, while the 6/8 time "Tripwire" and closing ballad "If I Could Believe" are the pick of the mellow tracks.

Single download: Walk Us Uptown
For those who like: Soul, trip-hop, jazz-funk


Otago Daily Times, September 28, 2013

Jeff Harford reviews Wise Up Ghost.


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