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This is a list of "page templates". These are merely "boiler-plate" starter pages that can be used to start a new page. (These are not to be confused with Wiki Templates)

Instruction required for how to use these.

Templates for concert pages

Used for concerts, including setlists.

Image captions

  • Best practice: 1986-10-27 Upper Darby 01.jpg
  • Code for this caption
*Elvis Costello and the Confederates, 1986-10-27 , Philadelphia, Tower Theatre. 
*Spinning Songbook tour.

Photos courtesy of Michael Lane © 1986.

Article templates

 [[Review: 2007-05-11 Detroit: GloriousNoise|GloriousNoise]] | 

Bootleg templates

Concert photo and review templates

Musician templates

Song templates

Wiki Templates