Parade, September 29, 2013

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Walter Scott asks ELVIS COSTELLO

Walter Scott

The singer-songwriter, 59, has a funk-flavored album with the Roots, Wise Up Ghost, out now.

What sparked this collaboration with the Roots? We’d played together on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and it was a lot of fun. There are things they do that I can’t, and I write things they can’t. It works well.

You’ve written hundreds of songs. Contrary to appearances, I’m lazy. But when a song is coming, I’m often in a trancelike state. Next thing I know, I have a song.

Would you ever want to be a judge on a music competition show? I’ve been asked, but you won’t see me as a judge anytime soon. [Those shows] create an illusion that there’s a short route to success. The judges have lucked their way into positions of power and are mostly self-promoting and obnoxious.

How do you and your wife, singer Diana Krall, like to spend time off? We have a place by the water and find joy in simple things – like looking at the stars – that adults forget to do.


Parade, September 29, 2013

Walter Scott asks Elvis Costello...


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