Penn State Daily Collegian, February 9, 1981

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Costello gets stuck in the snow

Cindy Cox

It was not the first time vehicles became snowbound in the mountains east of State College. But when those vehicles carry Elvis Costello and the warmup band that was to perform at the University last night, the result is disappointment.

Costello and Squeeze, his warmup band, cancelled their concert date at Rec Hall last night because of poor road conditions along Interstate 80, preventing them from arriving at the University.

Bonnie Nixon, University Concert Committee chairman, said ticket refunds will he given at the HUB desk starting at 9 tomorrow morning.

About 200 fans were turned away at 6:45 p.m. after William F. Fuller, manager of Associated Student Activities, officially announced the cancellation.

Nixon said Costello's tour manager contacted Rec Hall shortly before 6:45 p.m. and announced the show was off because Costello and Squeeze were stranded at a rest stop along 1-80, 50 miles east of the University.

When Nixon called the state police to check on road conditions, they said that 1-80 was not officially closed.

"It was an act of God," Nixon said. "With the weather, there was no way they could make it."

Costello will not be paid for the cancelled concert, she said. The concert may be rescheduled for the next time Costello is in the area, although it is doubtful, Nixon said.

"The question now is who is liable for the expenses we've put out Nixon said. "We will have to negotiate that with his manager."

Melvyn S. Klein, director of student activities, said the bands would not he paid because of contractual agreements. He said UCC lost some money on publicity and ticket printing, however.

Michael Gaiman, an employee of the promotional company handling the Costello concert, said he was not particularly surprised at the cancellation.

"I drove out from New York City this afternoon," he said. "The weather was really bad."

The concert had the potential to make a profit at the University, Gaiman said. The sound and light crew will still have to be paid, so the bands lost money by not appearing, he added.

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The Daily Collegian, February 9, 1981

Cindy Cox reports on the cancellation of the concert by Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Sunday, February 8, 1981, Rec Hall, Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania.


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