People, March 30, 1981

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Elvis Costello and the Attractions

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Since This Year's Model, Elvis' second LP, the Attractions have been selflessly serving his music. But only the most die-hard Costello fans would recognize the names of Steve Nieve (keyboards), Bruce Thomas (bass) or Pete Thomas (drums). Yet instrumentalists don't come any more creative and resourceful. Why have they stuck together so long, with nary a defection or even solo album? One reason is Costello's writing. Rhythmically and harmonically, he sets a challenging pace and doesn't slap anybody's wrist if they stretch for something new. His lyrics are as tantalizingly obscure as ever. "Different Finger," like his earlier "Stranger in the House," reveals Elvis to be a clever conjurer of country & Western ballads. Though his melancholy vocals are always front and center, Elvis is an unselfish team player on guitar, showcasing his Attractions. To hear a consummate rock band in top form, put your faith in Trust.

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People, March 30, 1981

Picks and Pans reviews Trust.


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