Phantom Planet: Connect Set

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Connect Set
Phantom Planet Connect Set album cover.jpg
ReleasedJanuary 6, 2004

2004 EP by Phantom Planet includes a cover of "No Action."


TitleWriter(s) Length
1. Big Brat  Alex Greenwald 3:50
2. 1st Things 1st  Alex Greenwald 3:00
3. Knowitall  Alex Greenwald 4:06
4. No Action  Elvis Costello 2:06
5. By The Bed  Alex Greenwald 3:32
6. Tonight You Belong To Me  Gene Austin 2:03
7. The Happy Ending  Alex Greenwald 3:13
8. Game Of Pricks  Robert Pollard 1:43
9. Paranoid Android (Radiohead)Yorke, Greenwood, O'Brien, Selway 6:27

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