Please Stay

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If I got on my knees and I pleaded with you
Not to go but to stay in my arms
Would you walk out the door
Like you did once before
This time be different
Please stay, don't go

If I call out your name like a prayer
Would you leave me alone with my tears
Knowing I need you so
Would you still turn and go
This time be different in some way
Don't go, please stay

You took me away from the rest of the world
When you taught me to love you like this
Now I hang my head when I think how you lied
But I still can be saved by your kiss

I loved you before I even knew your name
I wanted to give you my heart
But when you came back after leaving me one time
Oh I knew, yes I knew that the heartaches would start

If I told you my life was a song
That was written for you, you alone
Would you hurt all my pride
Oh, till I cry
This time be different
Please stay
Oh, this time be different in some way
Don't go, please stay
Please stay, don't go

Please Stay
Written byBurt Bacharach & Bob Hilliard
Performed byElvis Costello
Produced byElvis Costello & Kevin Killen
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocals
Pete Thomas - drums
Jerry Scheff - bass
Larry Knechtel - Hammond organ, Wurlitzer electric piano
Marc Ribot - Spanish & electric guitars
Recorded1990, Blue Wave Studios, Barbados
Vocal backgrounds added at Eden Studios, London
ReleasedMay 9, 1995
AlbumsKojak Variety, 1995
Various Artists collectionsMellow Bacharach Heaven, 1997

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