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The pinnacle of punk

Mike Sangiacomo

In every movement there is one man of vision. A man with such an obvious talent that it seems futile for the rest to even attempt to be his equal.

Elvis Costello is that man.

For lack of any other appropriate title, Costello’s music is being classed as punk rock, the sound is as individual as the performer.

Costello will make his Philadelphia concert debut Wednesday night at The Hot Club, 21st and South streets. But judging from the incessant airplay the artist is getting, getting a seat or even a place to stand is going to be difficult.

He looks like Buddy Holly, plays like Elvis Presley and sings like Graham Parker. If anyone has been listening to WIOQ, WMMR or WYSP (FM), they know that and about the hysteria that has surrounded the artist since the release of My Aim Is True.

The album, one of the year’s best, started gaining interest as an English import several months ago. By the time it was released stateside by Columbia, Elvis Costello was almost a household name.

In a scant three weeks the disc has sold more than 50,000 copies, which is a tough feat for a performer who was unknown two months ago.

But listening to the album, there’s little room for doubt that Costello was going to make it big.

The album is very basic rock and roll. No frills, no junk, no extras to distract from the bone product.

To make his separation from the punkers even more pronounced, Costello includes one love song on his album, entitled “Allison (My Aim Is True.)” It’s really half a love song since the lady obviously doesn’t share the guy’s feelings.

Unrequited love seems to be a constant theme in My Aim Is True, as evidenced by the superb rocking number “The Angels Want To Wear My Red Shoes.” Despite the fact that I have to listen to that cut at least three times a day, I have no idea what he’s talking about. The one touching line in the piece states, “I told her I’m so happy I could die. She said ‘Drop dead’ and left with another guy.”

Who says romance is dead?

Actually, there’s not a bad cut to be found on the album. Some are more intense than others, but all are worthy of being cast in bronze.


The Pottstown Mercury, Preview, December 3, 1977

Mike Sangiacomo profiles Elvis Costello and reviews My Aim Is True.


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