Pottstown Mercury, November 26, 1977

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The shows won't go on

Mike Sangiacomo

Some of the best shows of the next few weeks are the ones that won't be seen. A rash of cancellations has cropped off the pick of the litter Beach Boys fans — who were tired of seeing Dennis Wilson play second fiddle to his looney brother Brian will be unhappy to learn that Dennis Wilson's first solo concert in Philadelphia has been dropped. The rest of the concert tour is still on. No reason for the dropped Philadelphia date was given. Almost as depressing was the news that the billing-made-in-heaven of Barclay James Harvest, Lake and City Boy was also cancelled when the headline act couldn't make it. The show was scheduled for Dec. 11 at The Tower, and it would have been the highlight of the season. Ex-Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir and his band were scheduled for a stop at the Tower in early December, but don’t hold your breath.

Things are still up in the air over the first area appearance of Elvis Costello, which was scheduled for early December at The Other Side, located on Route 202 just across the Pa. border in Wilmington, Del. Costello is the hottest new act to break in years, and the guy has a definite affinity to roughshod rock and roll. Don’t judge him too harshly on his horrible name, ridiculous appearance, and album cover — probably the ugliest cover of the year. It's the music inside the cover of My Aim Is True that counts. And that music is incredible. Keep watching the column for a firm date.

Last of the lose-outs was a concert scheduled for Wednesday night at the Bijou Cafe, which was to have starred Meat Loaf, an singer as outrageous as his name. Again, for undisclosed reasons, the Meat Loaf show was lost. If you've never heard of the performer, check the credits on Ted Nugent's albums, then give one listen to Bat Out Of Hell, Meat Loaf's second album His first was recorded about five years ago when the performer was still kicking around in the musical Hair. Bat Out Of Hell is rich and innovative. The best cut is "Hot Summer Night (You Took The Words Bight Out Of My Mouth.)"


The Pottstown Mercury, Preview, November 26, 1977

Mike Sangiacomo on upcoming concerts including details on a concert by Elvis Costello & the Attractions scheduled for early December in Wilmington, Delaware.


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