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Automatic Real CinemaSoundtrack / Various artists 2001 AllmusicAmazon
Automatic Never Mind The Originals, Here's The CoversVarious artists 2002 AllmusicAmazon
Automatic performed live, 1998-11-07, Recovery, ABC TV, Australia 1998 YouTube
Bax Rafter performed live, 2001, 2002 2001 website
Kurt Baker Got It Covered 2010 MySpaceinfo
Bellygunner performed live, Costello tribute, 2017-03-16, Harlow's, Sacramento, CA 2017 YouTube
Beyond Belief  (UK cover band) performed live / studio demo / MP3 download websiteMP3
Big Tuna  (Scottish cover band) performed live website
The Big Wu performed live, 2003 2003 info needed
Black:Not:Green demo 1998 websiteMP3
Blaq Lily performed live, 2003-11-21, Tonic Ball 2, Indianapolis 2003 info needed
The Bluesbusters  (Paul Barrere) This Time 1981 Allmusic
The Bluesbusters performed live, 1985-1987, Charlottesville, Santa Cruz, Philadelphia 1985 etreeetreeetreeetree
Brendan Boogie with The Click Five performed live, 2009-03-28, Lizard Lounge, Boston 2009 YouTube
Buckcherry 15  Japanese only bonus track 2005 AllmusicWikipediaYouTube
Busface Pump It Up!  single 2009 Amazon
Cassette performed live, 2006, Johannesburg, South Africa 2006 YouTube
Cassette Welcome Back To Earth 2007 AllmusiceMusic
Cats Against The Bomb Can Buy Me Love 3Various artists 2006 DiscogsArchive.orgMP3
Chaos UK Heard It Seen It Done It 1997 AllmusicAmazonDiscogs
Chicken Legs  (Paul Barrere) performed live, 1980, Washington DC 1980 etreeetree
Cisco Pikes performed live, 2015-09-19, Franconia, Germany, Roll over Bellhofen Festival 2015
Gilby Clarke  (Kill For Thrills) performed live, 2005-04-29, Malibu Inn, Malibu, CA 2005 Setlist.fm
Crude Reality Tribute To Elvis CostelloVarious artists 2007 AmazonAmazon.co.jp
The Crime performed live, 1981, Musicfest, Memphis, TN 1981 YouTube
Crushstory unreleased 1999 info needed
Stuart Davis Davis Does Elvis (internet-only release) 2004 website
Deacon Blue performed live 1988 info needed
Dick Bright's SRO performed live info needed
DIP performed live, 2002-07-25 2002 link
Elaine & the Biscaynes performed live, 1983-10-16, Yeatman's Cove, Cincinnati 1983
Elastic No-No Band Every Elvis Has His Army 2005 AllmusicAmazonwebsite
Elastic No-No Band Every Elvis Has His Impersonators 2008 AllmusicAmazonwebsite
Exodus Force Of Habit 1992 AllmusicAmazon
Five Mile High internet download 2004 info needed
John Forth Band performed live, 2007-08-03, Skippack, Pennsylvania 2007 Archive.org
John S. Hall performed live, 2018-03-10, Joe Hurley's All-Star Revue, City Winery, New York 2018 YouTube
Hillbilly Funk All-Stars performed live, 1999-02-26 1999 link
Shane Hines performed live, 2003-12-01 2003 link
Hired Guns 1999 info needed
The HotRats Turn Ons 2010 AllmusicAmazonAmazon.uk
The HotRats Life As We Know ItSoundtrack 2010 AllmusicAmazonAmazon.uk
The HotRats performed live, 2009-06-26, Glastonbury, England 2009 info
The HotRats performed live, 2010-01-22, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2010 YouTubeTV.com
The Instant Graduation Band Graduation House Party Music 2010 Amazon
Jet 68 Superqueen 2009 Amazon
Danko Jones First Date  EP 2006 websiteAmazon
Junebug live recording 2018 videowebsite
Kaiser Chiefs performed live, 2013-05-08, Amsterdam 2013 YouTube
Kennedy, featuring Jon Brion performed live, 2003-03-27, Knitting Factory tribute, Los Angeles 2003 info
Kid Pharaon & the Lonely Ones performed live, 1988-12-12, Lyon, France, Le Glob 1988 FLACMP3
Kill For Thrills Commercial Suicide  EP 1989 AllmusicAmazonlinklink
Lifehouse performed live, 2006 2006 youtubeyoutube
Looming Larger performed live info needed
Makin' Time Rhythm! 2003 AllmusicDiscogsAmazon
Makin’ Time Pump It Up (12") 1986 Discogs
Maldroid Maldroid 2008 MySpaceinfoinfo
Joe McGinty The Loser's Lounge Tribute to Elvis Costello 2002 LosersLounge
The Meligrove Band performed live 2001 websitelink
Molly Half Head Shine  7" single 1995 DiscogsAmazon
The Moondogs performed live, 1988-08-??, War Eagle Supper Club, Auburn, AL 1988 YouTube
Mudhoney PCU (soundtrack)   Various artists7" single 1994 Discogs
Mudhoney PCU (soundtrack)   Various artists 1994 AllmusicAmazon
Mudhoney March To Fuzz 2000 DiscogsAmazon
Mudhoney Freedom of ChoiceVarious artists 2007 Amazon
Marcus Mumford performed live, 2016-06-09, Songwriters Hall Of Fame Induction, New York 2016 YouTube
Neanderthal Sponge Cake performed live, 2000, Emo's, Austin 2000 info needed
Oliver's Army (Dallas) performed live, Dallas-area Costello tribute band 2003 - OliversArmyBandYouTube
On A Friday (Radiohead) performed live link
Phantom Planet performed live, 2002-09-22, Irving Plaza, New York 2002 link
Alyce Platt performed live info needed
Pogo performed live website
Prozak For Lovers (Bruce Lash) Prozak For Lovers 2001 AllmusicAmazonwebsitecdbaby
Tyrone Relph Laid Bare 2004 Amazon
Amy Rigby performed live, 2002, Cincinnati 2002 link
Roach and The White Boys performed live, 1981-01-04, Country Club, Reseda, CA 1981 Billboard, January 24, 1981
The Rubinoos Crimes Against Music 2002 AllmusicAmazon
The Rugburns performed live, 2005-12-31, Ramona, CA 2005
San Sebastian performed live, 2010-08-12, Kingston, ON 2010 YouTubeMySpace
Scam 69 performed live info needed
Greg Schlotthauer performed live website
Erich Sellheim home studio production, sung in German 2013 YouTube
Skin Look But Don't TouchEP 1994 Allmusic
Status Quo Riffs 2003 WikipediaAmazonYouTube
Shakin' Stevens Now Listen 2006 AllmusicAmazon.com
Straight-Up Blues Band performed live, 2001-08-17, Costello tribute, Tampa 2001 info
Stretford Short Circuit 2001 link
Tommi Sunshine performed live, 2003-01-11, The Echo, Los Angeles 2003 info needed
Richard Thompson performed live, 1984-11-28, Northampton, MA 1984 etree
Those Darn Accordions Squeeze This! 1994 AllmusicAmazon
Those Darn Accordions performed live, 1994, Fog Town Network, San Francisco 1994 infoYouTube
Total Hacks performed live, 2017-03-11, Orange Ale House, Orange, CT 2017 websiteYouTube
Towering Pretzels performed live info needed
Trixter UnderCovers 1994 AllmusicAmazon
The Twistoffs Big Sounds From The Township 1998 AllmusicAmazonwebsite
Bob Walkenhorst performed live, 2008-04-02, Kansas City, The Record Bar 2008 Archive.org
Warrior Soul (Love Is) The DrugCDS 1995 Amazon
Max Weinberg's Jukebox performed live, 2019-04-28, Skyloft at Crossgates Mall, Albany, NY 2019
What Made Milwaukee Famous performed live, 2004-06-06, KVRX, Austin, TX 2004 infoinfo
The Wildhearts Anarchic Airwaves 1998 AllmusicAmazonWikipedia
The Wildhearts performed live, 1996, London, Tokyo 1996 etreeetree

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