Put Away Forbidden Playthings

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Put away forbidden playthings
Amusements and distractions
And dismantle the contraption and carry it away
In time as beauty dissolves into glamour
It slips from your heart it falls under the hammer
Put away forbidden playthings...
And never return to pluck out that jewel
Or find the thrill
That lingers still
While suffering the dream of disobeying
Put away forbidden playthings...

Put Away Forbidden Playthings (Live 2004)
Written byElvis Costello
Performed byElvis Costello with The Metropole Orkest
Produced byGert-Jan van den Dolder
Arranged byElvis Costello
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocal
Steve Nieve - piano
The Metropole Orkest
Vince Mendoza - conductor
RecordedJuly 9, 2004, The Hague, Netherlands
ReleasedJanuary 13, 2006
AlbumsMy Flame Burns Blue, 2006

First known performance:
July 1, 1995, London, England
Last known performance:
July 13, 2004, New York, NY
     (7 known performances)

Alternate versions

Put Away Forbidden Playthings (Live 1995)
Performed byElvis Costello & Fretwork
MusiciansElvis Costello - vocal
RecordedJuly 1, 1995, London, England
ReleasedMarch 21, 2006
AlbumsThe Juliet Letters (Rhino reissue), 2006
My Flame Burns BlueMy Flame Burns Blue album cover.jpg

The Juliet LettersThe Juliet Letters album cover.jpg


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