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There was no celebrity presenter for the award that honours those with the magical capacity to articulate thoughts and experiences us mere mortals can barely imagine, in a manner we can only deeply envy. From the podium, our Founding Ed read the following eloquent, giveaway summary of the recipient's credentials: "Just over 20 years ago, he was masquerading as a computer operator in a cosmetics factory. Since he escaped, the sheer diversity of his back catalogue — with its classical, orchestral, soundtrack, soul and country excursions — his fiercely accelerated work rate and the extraordinary depth and literacy of his lyrics have earnt him admirers in the very highest places.This is a man for whom composition is a constant companion — and possibly at times a curse. A man so endlessly besieged by new melody lines that he frequently leaps into phone boxes to sing them into his ansaphone for fear they'll evaporate into the ether." (During this florid preamble, Mick Jagger turned to Bono and stage-whispered "Who's it gonna be, then? Shakespeare?")

And the winner is ... but wait! This just in! A telegram, from that almost-famous zip code Beverley Hills 90212. It reads: "Congratulations. It was a big thrill for me working with you. You are brilliant and great. What more can I say? Love, Burt Bacharach."

A flummoxed Costello was reduced to a simple "Thank you."

A few words... Elvis Costello

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A few words... Rod Stewart

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Q, No. 124, January 1997

Elvis Costello wins Best Songwriter in the 1996 Q Awards.

Rod Stewart talks about meeting EC.


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