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The River In Reverse

Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint

Andy Fyfe

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National treasure meets New Orleans soul legend.

A proper collaborative effort (five co-written tracks, seven from Toussaint's rich back catalogue, one Solo effort from Costello), The River In Reverse's soulful arrangements and warm textures are no surprise. So much so that they paper over the cracks in Costello’s vocal range, bringing out his best croon, particularly on the funeral march of "The Sharpest Thorn," the jumping "Tears, Tears And More Tears" and the title track, a tense, driven piece of controlled anger. Whole theses could be written about the influence of, and influences on, these men. Or you could just listen to this album and hear them all for yourself.

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Q, No. 240, July 2006

Andy Fyfe reviews The River In Reverse.


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