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Record Buyer


My Aim Is True

Elvis Costello

Record Buyer

The Costello catalogue gains a new 'deluxe' lease of life with this album, as well as Spike (1989) and All This Useless Beauty (1996), both of which were in his Warner Bros period and time-wise outside the scope of this column.

First released in July 1977, My Aim Is True is one of the classic debut albums of any era, and is here enjoying its second revamping — the first having been done some eight years ago when the First Two And A Half Years box emerged. The individual titles now become 2CDs, but to be absolutely honest there's not always a lot on the other disc that measures up. That's certainly the case here, and some of the tracks were added to the remaster — though the bonus of the Honky Tonk Demos he sent in to Radio London DJ Charlie Gillett may attract aficionados.

The involvement of Costello himself sleevenote-wise is welcome, but in the same way that My Aim Is True didn't need augmentation in 1993 it doesn't now. If you don't own it, however, it's an essential purchase for "Alison," "Less Than Zero," "Mystery Dance" and a host of other reasons.


Record Buyer And Music Collector, October 2001

Includes a review of the Rhino / Edsel reissue of My Aim Is True.


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