Record Mirror, April 21, 1984

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Record Mirror


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Record Mirror

Elvis Costello's back in action... as the Imposter!

The singer/songwriter has temporarily dropped his band the Attractions to bring out a new single "Peace In Our Time."

It is backed with "Withered And Died" and comes out at the end of this week. The single is released on the Imposter label and is produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley — the team behind Madness.

Costello had one of his most successful records under the name the Imposter with "Pills And Soap."

The record was released under that name because of his contractual difficulties. Now he is taking on the name to denote an alternative to his records with the Attractions.

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Record Mirror, April 21, 1984

Record Mirror notes the upcoming release of "Peace In Our Time."


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