Record Mirror, August 13, 1977

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Record Mirror


No sweat for Nick Lowe

Edmunds, Lowe, Costello / Liverpool

Vic Ticious

"Roll up, roll up for the magical misery tour..."

"Er, excuse me mate, where's the coach going?"

"Shut up and keep pushing."

Down at Eric's, opposite the famed old Cavern club site, television crews are running wires all over the place and shouting things like "Five minutes," "check the sound levels" and other technical jargon. The gig is being filmed.

First out is Elvis Costello and his band the Attractions. Probably enough has appeared in print on this gawky wonder for the time being, but the lad is great, and so's the band. Tight set, some good new numbers like "Chelsea" too. Eric's sweats and waits.

Debut time for Nick Lowe's Ghosts, a super-group including a couple of The Rumour on bass and guitar, a former Pink Fairy on another guitar, Elvis on rhythm and his drummer, plus the fringed Lowe himself. It was a short yet enjoyable set of high standard pop rocking with "Shake 'n' Pop" and "Music For Money," and a down-tempo mood changer with Lowe's "Endless Sleep." It's good to know that people are catching up on a talent some have been raving about for years.

No sweat.

Rockpile next, rocking pneumonia and the boogie woogie flew around the cellar on a historical event, the last gig with Nick Lowe on bass.

Obviously he has added a lot to the band with some fine songs like the belter of a hit "I Knew The Bride," and that direct bass playing. It ain't gonna be the same without him, but he bowed out on a high note.

Dave Edmunds swung into the action as he sped through numbers like "Ju-Ju Man," Parker's "Back To Schooldays," and Nick's "Heart Of The City," that trusty Gibson spitting out hot lead. Behind him Billy Bremner, guitar pacemaker and warbling rock 'n' roll singer and Terry the drums Williams were in unbeatable form.

A scorching set left blisters on Eric's walls. At least that's what I think they were.

Whoops, there goes the bus...

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Record Mirror, August 13, 1977

Vic Ticious reviews Elvis Costello & The Attractions, Nick Lowe's Ghosts, and Rockpile, Tuesday, August 2, 1977, Eric's, Liverpool.

Also includes a review of "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes."

My Aim Is True is No. 27 on the album chart.


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(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

Elvis Costello



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